Monday, September 29, 2008

And goodness is happening to someone you love

So, I've had a wonderful weekend!

On Saturday, I picked Becca up at the airport,and it was SO wonderful to see her. We came back to my dorm and just lazed around for a while...but then were off! I don't know how she did it...maybe she's a superhero. We went to see a show up in Camden. The band that we went to see was Ginger Bread Men. It was lots of fun! I knew James (the singer) in my past relationship. I wondered if it would be weird, me going to his show, being that David and I split on very unfriendly terms. But it was awesome! I had a really great time meeting some new folks, drinking adult beverages, and dancing.

Sunday, Becca, Kirsli, Scott, and I went to the Tate Modern and viewed some modern art for free. I'm not a huge fan of modern art in general, but even I had fun! Becca and I found a "seed" that you could stand in and wiggle... good times! Then we explored, trying to find a particular pub a friend had recommended to her. Unfortunately, we never found it, so we got some sandwiches and ate them in Trafalgar Square, vowing to find that pub some day.

Then today, Becca left onto her big adventure in Preston. I took her to Euston, the train station, and walked her to the train. But it was just milliseconds from leaving, so we had a very, very quick goodbye. Miss you already, Ptero-darling!

Also, I have some big news on my course: the course director got a grant, so for the next year, she's unable to teach us! Doh! BUT they set it up so the directors from the Fashion Curation course will be our tutors for this next year. And that is amazing because one of them is Amy de la Haye, who is very well-known and respected in my field. It's so exciting to be able to work directly with her!

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