Wednesday, August 23, 2006

It's got to be now or never

  1. Today I’ve spent a lot of time with Ocha. He is finally coming around to me. He has never been an attention-seeking rabbit before. Now, he is starting to come up to me and sit with me and let me pet him for long periods of time. Maybe one day he will want to snuggle in my lap. I won’t rush him, though. It has to be on his terms, otherwise he gets grumpy.
  2. I went to a store by the Goodwill in Woodstock called Pet Supermarket. I bought Ocha a new carrot holder for his cage. I was going to bring my one from Japan, but I’m glad I didn’t. Carrots are MUCH thinner here, so a thinner carrot holder is necessary.
  3. After Pet Supermarket, I went into Goodwill and bought a nice dress skirt for (my future) work and a funky sheer long top.
  4. I have many things I want to sell on Ebay, so I’ve been photographing some of the items today.
  5. I called and set up an appointment for Ocha tomorrow. He is going to have a check-up at his first English-speaking vet. I just need a general health check-up. I also have some questions that need to be asked in English, so I can be sure to understand the answer. Hehe
  6. I wrote a cover letter for a job that looks amazing. Granted, it’s in LA, but it still looks amazing. Fingers crossed.
  7. I went to Publix with Mom and Dad this evening. Mom and I bought tons of delicious-looking healthy food. I hope it all tastes good. Tomorrow is our 1 week weigh-in. Wish us both luck!

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