Monday, August 28, 2006

we looked like giants

  1. Spent a long time looking for jobs online (with very little luck). While doing that, Ocha came and actually snuggled next to me (!!!), which was the first time he’s ever just came and laid down next to me. It was cute.
  2. When Mom got home, we went to Target. On the way there, the sky opened up and there was about 5 minutes of such intense rainfall. It was like the time we drove back from Charleston and people had to put their hazard lights on so people could see your car. Insane-o.
  3. I had two bowls of cereal today (Cinnamon Life and Cinnamon Swirl). They were both delicious.
  4. After dinner, my dad and I watched Antiques Roadshow together. Unfortunately there were no massively expensive pieces in that show. Only up to $25,000 or so.
  5. The Geiko commercial’s lizard has a very endearing British accent.

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