Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I realize that I haven’t written anything in AGES. Sorry, everyone. To tell the truth, there has been too much to write about for me to write anything at all.

I am not even going to try and summarize how life has been lately. If you want to know, you probably already do. If not, ask. :o)

Today’s Daily Happy

  1. I ate a delicious breakfast of Captain Crunch cereal with soy milk and a small cup of strawberry yogurt.
  2. After breakfast, I played with Ocha for a while. He is doing really well here. He is living in the upstairs bathroom in his cage. I built the cage in there, not realizing how big it was. So, it can’t come out of there cuz it’s too wide to get out of the door. Anyway, Ocha is doing well. I have set up a baby gate outside the bathroom door in such a way that half of the upstairs hallway is open to him. I close all the doors down here except mine, so he can run form my room to the bathroom as he pleases. He loves it! He has never had a big AND carpeted area to run on. So, he zooms back and forth, going as fast as possible. He also likes to look in a mirror that is on my floor, propped against a wall. I think he is confused as to why there is another bunny in “the other room.” :o) (In fact, as I write this, I am laying on my bed. Ocha just came up to see what I was doing and watched me type for a moment. He is cute.)
  3. This afternoon, I went to a thrift store and bought 3 new skirts. I have decided that for the most part, I hate the current fashion in stores….so I am going to try to thrift as much as I can.
  4. I ate Spaghetti-o’s for lunch!!
  5. The afternoon was pretty boring. I did play with Ocha for a long time. He likes to poo in little piles RIGHT outside his litter box, apparently. Some training will have to be done to stop him.
  6. After dinner, I met up with Jenni. We met at her old Starbuck’s, and then moved on to a gay bar in Atlanta called Blake’s to watch a drag show. It was pretty excellent. I really did miss being around gay people.
  7. After the drag show, we went to a bar called Estoria that Jenni and her friends frequent. It was really nice and had such a variety of people in there. It was so weird! I had one girl give me a little flirty wave. I guess I looked extra lesbionical last night? Ah well. I felt cute-ish, that’s what matters.

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nen said...

You were totally cute!
Im glad that you decided to feel good about your bangs last night, I enjoyed them.

It was really quite strange the way she waved...believe me, you WILL see her again.