Thursday, June 21, 2007

Be my sugar bunny, honey

1. I ate leftover Chinese food for breakfast. It was orange chicken and it was delicious!
2. I spoke to one of my customers, Tommykins. He is really silly! I love that I can nickname people with serious names, like Thomas, with silly nicknames, and they accept it. I love nicknames!
3. I painted my nails fuschia.
4. My brother, Steve, called me randomly today! He called to tell me that he was in Nevada and was closeby (relatively). He is in Reno at a bowling tournament. I hope he wins!
5. It's a Jump, Little Children day! Yay! It's been a while. I'm liking it.


Johnny said...

I had leftover orange chicken for breakfast too!

What's Jump Little Children day?

Abigail said...

Jump, Little Children is a band that I *love* and have been a fan of for years. You should check out some of their stuff. :oD