Saturday, June 09, 2007

You'd said you'd follow through

1. I got my three new shirts from Threadless yesterday.
2. Went out dancing to a gay bar called "Flame" last night with Shantel and krew. Lots of dancing with cute boys! Too bad they were all gay! Ahh well ^_~
3. The BBQ was really fun last weekend. I helped make delicious tamales (about 6million of them!), ran around a park chatting and eating and taking pictures, received a special coloring book and jumbo crayons, went swimming in the middle of the night... FUN!
4. Sunday, I spent all day hanging out with Michael in LA. We ate cinnamon raisen bagels and drank coffee and watched some Planet Earth. Then we walked around Hollywood for a while. Went to a crazy huge costume shop! Then, we ate at a really cute (Bluebird-esque) diner near his house.
5. Had crazy hat day at work yesterday!

uhm... That's all for now.

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