Sunday, June 24, 2007

I'm a streetlight shining

1. Saturday was fun! In the morning, I went to a few antique shoppes nearby. I didn't find much, which is cool. But it was fun to walk around a few antique stores.
2. Got ready around 4ish, and went to Clarissa & Lenny's place 4:45ish. We ate hor d'oeuvres and drank some wine. Afterwards, we went to Clarissa's playhouse in El Cajon. We sat in the best seats in the house! Right in the middle, center. The show was so good! Called, The Senior Follies. It was basically a variety show-type where everyone in it was 55 and older! Very funny.
3. I realized that I am madly in love with Jimmy Stewart. If only we had been around in the same generation. I would have married him.
4. The finale was a gigantic tribute to America. I felt kinda bad, cuz I had to control my giggles. It's just so odd that America is the only country in the world who acts so... Patriotic. Is that the right word? Ridiculous?
4. After the show, we all went out to The Whistle Stop, the local bar near their house. We danced and drank and laughed a lot! I even danced in heels! Be impressed. Be very impressed!
5. Today, I slept till 10am!!! Double digits! Amazing! I woke up when Ocha jumped on my back. He was hungry and decided it was time for breakfast.
6. Lenny and I went to Costco today. I marveled at the sizes food can come in, in this country. It's insane! An 84 ounce jar of mayonnaise? Seriously!!
7. Lenny cooked a delicious dinner of tuna-stuffed peppers with provolone cheese on top. Yum! It was sooo yummy! I am glad that I am learning to like peppers, etc.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Back off! Jimmy Stewart is mine! All mine! We are in love.

PS - I am very proud of you for sleeping until 10am. :)


yasuhiro said...

Hey...this is yasu...coooooooool to hear from you. YEAH!!! i am going to Australia for a year at the end of july...cant wait!!! last week i met david giving me heeling smile. i always like him!!!
Hey...Enjoy you life. we are happy if you are happy!!! yasuhiro

Anonymous said...

OMG, I would love the Senior Follies!