Monday, June 11, 2007

If I had a wall, you'd be driving me up to the ceiling

1. Today I had my review with my boss. It went well. Lots of positive things! I know I am good at my job, so I wasn't surprised. I don't want to seem haughty or anything, but I am good at dealing with people. It's my talent.
2. I told my manager about the disagreement between me and another boss. She was surprised. I told her exactly what I felt about the whole situation.
3. I am almost finished with the book that Michael is lending me. I am going to need another one soon! This one, Pattern Recognition, is very interesting! The writing style is quite different to what I'm accostumed to, but I am enjoying it. Also, I love when the endings are way different than you expect!
4. I had a talk with the Big Boss today at work. We talked about lead times for our products...He asked me how long it takes to process the folding doors in the office, which is AT LEAST 2 weeks...and from just that statement, he made my dreams come true, saying that we can tell people they officially take 10-12 weeks. Thank goodness! There are many of my headaches gone!
5. I read in the park for my entire lunch period today. It was sunny, with huge white clouds. Wonderful!
6. Mom and Dad are coming to visit this week!!! They come in Wednesday! I am sooooo excited!

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