Saturday, June 16, 2007

Sometimes to be fair, one must be unfair

Well, this means life is moving on and needs to keep doing so. Kashiko left David a comment on Flickr that says "Love you."

You know, I don't think I will ever trust that he didn't cheat on me. Last I spoke to him, he held that he didn't do anything with her. But, there is no particle in my body that feels like he was faithful to me with her.

It's quite sad, really. I don't want it to fuck me up forever, but at the moment, I am upset with him. It's hard when someone goes from being your best friend, and most trusted person in the this. I wish I hadn't have seen the comment. Ignorance is bliss and all. I should know better than to check the "Comments you've left" box. Of course she had to comment that on one I had previously commented on months ago.

I am hot all over. I just hate that he could have ever done such a shitty thing to me. I want to not believe it, but... I don't.


Johnny said...

Sounds crappy. I'm sorry, kiddo.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this definitely sucks. Betrayal can make it hard to trust people ever again, but you gotta make sure you don't lose your faith in humanity. There are good people out there.

This too shall pass.

Kashi said...

I want to know about it well.I didn't know about it well.I asked him about it(you and him).then he just said to me "its past."
I am so sorry.Its too late I know.but I really want to talk about it with you.I want to know the truth.