Wednesday, June 21, 2006

And you will see my face

  1. Last night I went to “watch fireflies” with some people. The Japanese word for “firefly” sounds a lot like hotel. In Japanese, hotel is Hoteru. Firefly is Hotaru. Hm. Very close, indeed. It was funny because there were maybe 4 or so lightening bugs around. But those Japanese girls were SO excited to see them. I guess it’s different for me. I used to catch tons when I was a kid. They would crap themselves to see all the ones back home.
  2. I watched 2 short episodes of Pinky and the Brain this morning.
  3. In my special lesson, we watched some of Monster’s Inc. I didn't feel like doing a planned lesson today.
  4. There are only 49 more days until I leave Japan. I will miss many people here, and many things about here…but lately being in Japan has been one of the hardest times of my life. I am ready to go home and get hugs from my family and friends. I need so many hugs, just to warn you all. A year's worth, to be exact!

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Catie said...

Luckily, we are full of hugs. Miss you!