Sunday, June 18, 2006

Don't you know that I belong arm-in-arm with you, baby?

  1. I had to go to school today. But it wasn’t so bad. It was parent’s day, so everyone was out of the staff room all morning. While they listened to some lecture on getting ginto highschool and then human rights, I was planning a bunch of my upcoming lessons. Woo! I haven’t planned them all yet, but I got quite a few done this morning.
  2. I came home for lunch. When I went back to work, I decided to turn my brain off. So, I played the Sims until it was time for me to go home.
  3. At 5:30, John came over and we made pasta together for dinner. Then he ate some pumpkin bread. I ate more. I just love the stuff!
  4. I am researching graduate degrees tonight. It’s really depressing for me. I want to go to NYU more than any school, even the one in London! But to study at NYU will cost me more than expected! About $60,000! I can’t do that! So impossible! PLUS living expenses and housing!!! I am pretty sad bout it. It really is the best program in the world for what I want…but it’s also impossible. And they don’t offer TAships or anything like that, really, since they are so well-known and amazing. Damn it. Damn it. Damn it.

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