Thursday, June 22, 2006

I thought it was a bird, but it was just a paper bag

    1. Today in my 3-nensei classes, the stuents performed short skits. These skits are an evaluation that Yumiko (my English teacher) likes. Anyway, this time, I gave each group a scene/theme and they had to write their skit around that. One group got “Meeting Hard Gay.” So, today, I got 3 minutes of Hard Gay humping hilarity! I wish I could have taken a movie of it…but had I had a camera, they would’ve been much shyer. Oh man, it was funny. 3 boys in front of the whole class, humping away like their hero, HG. Who is Hard Gay, you ask yourself. Well, he is hilarious.
    2. I played the Harry Potter Game today in elementary school. Wow. They went INSANE for it. It was fun and I got a good 25 minute high-impact workout out of it too!
    3. Tonight I went to dinner with Yoko and her friend Eri-chan. We went to the Italian restaurant in Toyo (remember, David, the nice one with the delicious cheese pasta that we went to with the crew?) It was excellent. And even though the cheese pasta wasn’t on the menu anymore, they made it special for us! Yay!

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