Friday, June 30, 2006

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.

  1. My 4 lessons yesterday didn’t go by fast by any means, but they are done with. 5th and 6th period had been cancelled for a student assembly of some sort, so I skipped it and played the Sims! :oD
  2. We played BINGO in all 4 classes. At my apartment I had this bag full of random stuff that I don’t want to keep and can’t throw away… So, I brought it to school and used those things as prizes for the bingo winners. They were so excited to win the random crap.
  3. I forgot to bring my medicine to work yesterday, so I had to go home after lunch to grab it. It was nice to have a short break from school, even if it was only for 15 minutes.
  4. Last night I called Rich and invited myself over. I ended up hanging out and just talking to Rich for 3 hours! We talked about a lot. Well, I mostly listened. He has so many interesting stories to tell. I think he may turn his life story into a book.
  5. Before going to Richard’s, I rented some movies. I’ve decided that today (Saturday) is a movie day. I got Vera Drake, Elizabethtown, Lemony Snicket, Life is Beautiful, and My Life Without Me. I just picked up movies at random that looked like they could be English. This time, I did check to make sure they were all English! Rented 5 movies for only 1050yen! That’s about 9 bucks! Not too bad, eh?
  6. I just watched 3 movies (in this order): Elizabethtown, Lemony Snicket, and My Life Without Me. The First two were a bit of a let down. All right, but I don't really care if I see them again. The third was very sad, but very good. It's about a girl who (is 23) and finds out that she has cancer and only has 2 months left to live. Very amazing film.
  7. I also just watched Vera Drake. Wow, I knew I would cry, and I did! A great film! Very sad, though. Sometimes doing something out of the kindness of your own heart can backfire...

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