Friday, June 16, 2006

I watched you taking off

  1. This week, I’ve been working on this game for my 1-nensei class. Well, it went GREAT! The kids had a great time playing it. It was fun an involved them giving me their left shoes, bringing rolls of toilet paper, and shouting “nose picker” off the balcony. It was a total success! I guess to make up for that going so well, my 2-nensei class was worse than every. Ugh they suck. But I’m still very happy about my successful Congo Bongo game.
  2. I have this student named Shiori. I’m sure I’ve talked about her before. It seems that out of my top 5 students in the school, 3 of them are special needs kids. Shiori is one of those. She is the girl that just doesn’t talk. Not in English, not in Japanese, not ever! But she is so sweet! She draws me pictures and makes it a point to “say hello” to me in the hallway (without actually saying hello at all!). She ate lunch in the teacher’s room today, so I sat and chatted at/to her for a while. It’s just so beautiful, the smile she gives. It’s such a big smile! Since she doesn’t talk, she has that to express her inner beauty. She is great!
  3. During lunch they played the song that goes, “I don’t wanna lose your love toniiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.” Know the one? From the 80s? It was pretty silly. I tried to explain to the teachers how funny it was for me to hear it at school, but I couldn’t really do that. Damn. But I laughed to myself. That was good enough for me.
  4. I downloaded Wallace & Gromit: Curse of the Were-rabbit. I may watch that tonight. John invited me out, so I may save W&G for Saturday night. I am gonna relax Saturday night, because I have school on Sunday. Ugh, parent’s day. A full day where I have NOTHING to do AND I’m at school ON THE WEEKEND! Boooooooo! Ahh well. I will Sim it up, I think.
  5. Tonight I met Rich, Duncan, and Duncan’s friend Ian for sushi for dinner. Now, I am going to head over to John’s apartment to watch a movie with him and a few other people.
  6. I bought my ticket home to America today! I arrive in Atlanta on August 9th at 3:05pm. And, I arrive with Ocha! The lil bun CAN come with! I am so excited! I don’t think my parents are though. Ahh well! :oD

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, mom and dad are definitely not excited about lil Ocha. They've already declared that he has to live on the porch and isn't allowed inside.
And odds are that i'll be picking you up at the airport, since mom and dad will be working. Only way that won't happen is if my apt calls and says I can move in hella early.
<3 ~K