Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The lady on the edge of town, she's putting that money down

June 12, 2006

  1. At 5:01 this morning, I felt my very first earthquake. It was a 6.1 on the Richter’s Scale. I remember waking up because my whole apartment was swaying back and forth, pretty fast. I could hear lil Ocha freaking out in his cage. Must’ve scared him something good. I remember looking at my keitai so I could remember the time of my first earthquake. It was so weird! One of my first thoughts to myself was whether or not there would be a tsunami with it. There wasn’t, luckily.
  2. I think I am finished teaching. Today I had to seriously fight myself over coming to work. I really am jut done with teaching. I have no ideas or inspiration for it anymore. I am just empty. I only have about 6 weeks left. Wow! Only 6 weeks! But, really, I can’t wait for them to be up.
  3. Random thought from my flight back to Matsuyama on Saturday. So, for some reason, whether a flight is 2 hours or 15, it feels the same, really. When my plane landed in Mats, I really thought for a split second that I was in America. It was so weird. Then, when I got into the airport and realized where I was, I got a moment of depression. I was so ready to just land in America.
  4. I feel fairly accomplished today. I created a board game for my 1-nensei and 2-nensei students. I made it pretty much from scratch! Are you proud? I sure am! I stole the idea form online, but I modified it special for my classes. It’s called Congo Bongo! Woo woo!
  5. I am trying my best this week to finish all of my lesson preparation for the next few weeks. Including weekends, I only have 42 days left. That is exactly 6 weeks from today. I have so much to do between now and then, but that impossible amount of stuff feels like nothing. I’m sure my last few weeks will be pure madness. But for now, I am kinda pretending that there’s nothing I can do now.
  6. My 2-nensei boys think my name (Abigail) is very funny. Today one team chose “AG” as their team name because they couldn’t spell Abigail, so AG was good enough. Since they were AG, the other 2 teams were HG (Hard Gay) and RG (Real Gay). HG won, so I got to yell “Wooooooooooooooooooo! HG wins!!!!!!!!!” That was fun. I didn’t do the accompanying humping motion that goes along with HG.

June 13, 2006

Yesterday I forgot to post my daily, so I will just do 2 today. Sorry!

  1. Last night I watched my first World Cup game at Duncan’s house. Everyone was rooting for Japan (because half the people there were Japanese!), so I decided to root for Australia. Well, as it turns out, they won. Good job Australia! :o) I never seem to have a specific team I follow for any sporting competition. I just root for whoever I decide that day I happen to like. It happened to be Australia last night.
  2. Today I feel a bit restless and a tad bit annoyed. Not really badly, but a little bit. It’s not a good thing, really, but still worth mentioning. Duncan showed me pictures last night of when he was taking care of Ocha for me. Apparently he let a group of elementary students in my house to play with Ocha. I tried not to be mad about it last night, but I am certainly ticked about it right now. I really wish he would think, sometimes. Ocha is a big secret, he knows that. I have no clue what my landlord will do when he finds out. And I have no doubt that he will. Tanbara is an itty bitty town where word travels. And 3rd and 4th grade girls are NOT the best people at keeping secrets. Neither is Duncan. But, it was nice of him to care for Ocha every day in my absence. I will just hope that Saiki-san doesn’t find out.
  3. I just finished reading Survivor by Chuck Palahniuk. It was a very fast read. It started off slightly slow, but once I got a little bit into it, it zoomed by. But after reading his books, I always feel a little bit ill. I do now. And while reading them, to be honest. He is just so graphic at times.
  4. My elementary lessons were both BRILLANT! It’s such a great feeling to have a great lesson where everyone laughs and smiles the whole time. I needed it today. I was feeling very blah. I’m glad that they went well. Working with kids always cheers me up.
  5. I got a very short email from David. It made me smile so hard. What a star!
  6. Tonight I met Richard for dinner at a Chinese place in Toyo. It was yummy.


charlie said...

i read survivor too, and was left with the feeling of wanting to vomit off the side of my front porch into the bushes with the little pink flowers.

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