Sunday, June 11, 2006

Don’t let yourself go

Sorry I haven’t updated this in a while. I was in Sapporo all last week, hanging with David. I had a great time being with him. It was really nice! Ok, so this post really won’t be so cohesive. It will be all mixed up in terms of dates and times. That’s ok, right?

  1. Saturday, I was driven to the airport early by my old Vice-principal and his wife. They are such a random couple. No joke, their conversations on the way to the airport were; “It’s windy. Look at the wind blow in the trees.” “Yeah.” Hehe. Silly!
  2. I was nervous to get to Sapporo, but when I saw David I was very happy. I missed him a whole lot. We found my hotel and then wandered around Odori Park for a while. It’s such a beautiful park and a beautiful city. I definitely immediately understood why David likes it.
  3. Tuesday night, we walked around the city in search of yakiniku. We eventually found one, and it was delicious! We also were playing around with the idea of opening a yakiniku restaurant in the States. I think it’d work. KachiKachi is what we’d call it. KachiKachi means burnt in Japanese. Then, we went to a huge fancy Karaoke place. David and I sang our little hearts out to all sorts of random music. We were definitely on a randomness kick that night, which was excellent! Also, we did a magical thing called “Nomihodai,” which is basically all you can drink. So, David got a pitcher of beer for himself (since it was included) and we drank quite a bit. It was fun!
  4. Wednesday was David’s day off of work, so we did a lot of stuff that day! We went to Maruyama, which is the area of Sapporo in which he works. We went to Maruyama Park, which was nice and green! In Maruyama Park is Hokkaido Shrine. It was a beautiful shrine, and we saw a Japanese couple in their wedding outfits getting photographed. Seriously, Japanese women in kimonos are amazingly beautiful. After the park, we went up to Maruyama Zoo, which was fun. I love going to zoos. We saw lions, monkeys, tigers, a hippo, giraffes, a baby polar bear, and many other animals! I want to go to the Atlanta Zoo again when I am back home.
  5. Thursday was David’s busy, busy day. I was going to visit this little town called Furano, which is famous for its flowers. But, it rained all day! Boo! So, I went to the aquarium in Sapporo, which was fun. It’s very small. Nothing at all to the Tennessee Aquarium, but it was still nice. I sat and watched two seals play for a long time. Then, I went shopping at Shin-Sapporo station and eventually, after much searching, I found a mini-section of a shop that has plus-size clothes! So I bought a denim jacket, some shorts, and a very nice top! Woo, I was excited!
  6. I was able to go to two of David’s lessons. One was a group of elementary aged kids. We did a lil restaurant skit, which was fun. The other class was with just one girl named Kana. She was really cool. It was really neat for me to finally get to see David in the classroom. He’s very good with his students. :oD
  7. To be honest, the best parts of my trip were when it was just David and I chillin out. It was very good to sit next to him and wrestle him and lick his face and all the other fun ways to bother him. ;oP

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