Wednesday, June 28, 2006

To carry love to your doorstep

  1. Today I finished my lesson for tomorrow. Well, not entirely, yet. Soon, hopefully.
  2. During my Japanese lesson, I was telling Namioka-sensei about how Yoko gave me an amazing massage last night. She asked, “Was she good at it?” I said yeah, and she said, “Me too!” and Then proceeded to show me how good she was! I got an awesome hand and arm massage and then she did my back for a bit too! 2 massages in 2 days. Wow!
  3. So, I wasn’t able to go to the hospital today. I will try and go tomorrow. So, it’s really up and down. At times I feel fine, and then I get a weird dizzy spell. Anyway, tonight, Yoko and I left volleyball early (I was score keeper today cuz I’m not well) because I was feeling a bit dizzy and nauseous. Richard just called and said that Yoko told him we left early cuz of my condition and he was just letting me know that if I need help or anything, he’s there for me. What a good guy!

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