Thursday, July 13, 2006

And I was home in bed; I was a kid again

Wow, what a busy, but good day.

  1. I was supposed to get up early to shower today, but opted for 20 more minutes of needed sleep. Then, I had just enough time to make blueberry pancakes for breakfast!
  2. I had 3 classes today at Higashi. They went by fairly fast, and they put me that much closer to ending my teaching!!
  3. After lunch I felt SUPER exhausted, so I ended up sleeping through cleaning time before going to elementary school.
  4. My first class at elementary school put me in a small mood cuz they were so horribly behaved. But, my last class ever at elementary was with my FAVORITE teacher I’ve taught with to-date. Kurokawa-sensei is motivated, keeps his kids in line while still letting them have fun, and up for a good time! His classes are always good. I used to HATE the 4th graders at that school because they were PSYCHOTIC. But, then when they became 5th graders, they got him as a teacher, and now they are the best class in the entire school. It’s amazing what a difference the teacher makes in the personality of a class. Anyway, today’s lesson went by PERFECTLY. I was amazed. It was the highest note I could have finished on.
  5. After class, I got cards and letters and even presents from my students! It’s so amazing. Kids are amazing. They gave me things that I know are a big deal to them. For example, this one give gave me a clay frog sculpture she’d made. 2 other girls gave me their (very loved and used) Keitai straps. Then giving me something that beloved means a lot. I was amazed. Another girl gave me a used, but loved eraser in the shape of a clown. It was so touching! I also got 2 fancy presents. One is a beautiful mug and the other is a folding fan, the expensive kind that comes with a silk case! Wow!
  6. After classes were over, the WHOLE SCHOOL saw me off! THE WHOLE SCHOOL waved goodbye to me as I rode away. I almost cried. I will honestly miss that part of the job. I love the working with kids part so much. Children are just so genuine.
  7. After elementary school, I met up with Duncan, Ayaka, and Kasumi. Duncan and I treated the girls to karaoke and purikura today. We sang lots of songs, danced, and had a merry time. I love those girls. Duncan and I both forgot our cameras, like dorks, though.
  8. After karaoke, I raced home. Yoko met me at 6 and we took Ocha to the vet. He has to go back next week for his checkup. Today was a preliminary checkup and nail clipping. At the vet, there were these baby pugs, maybe 3 or 4 weeks old. Holy geebus they were cute!
  9. After the vet, we brought Ocha home. Then Yoko and I went out to eat at a delicious, yet cheap yakiniku restaurant.
  10. I have had a great day. I feel very good tonight. Tomorrow is my last day of teaching, and I really only have to teach in 1 lesson. The other 3 are skit performances. Woooooo!

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