Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I can't change my mode

For July 12, 2006
  1. Last night, I slept with the light on in my room to keep cockroaches away… The light kept me from sleeping well, but it was comforting. Did I ever tell you about the time at my parent’s house years ago when I was sleeping on my bed, and a roach crawled onto my face! Yeah. I couldn’t sleep in my room for about a week!! So, that kinda explains why I may be a bit irrational when it comes to bugs, especially roaches.
  2. My cooking lesson was cancelled today. Apparently the students decided that they wanted to have a party instead, since it’s the last class with me ever. It was very fun! Both special classes combined for this party. First, Ryoto and Mao gave a mini-speech. Then, we played cards for a little bit. Then, Junko-sensei taught us to make paper airplanes and we went and had a contest in the library to see who could throw theirs the farthest. Then we came back and sang some songs… 2 Japanese ones and one English one. The English one was a struggle because no one knew the words (for then cuz it was in English and for me cuz it was a Carpenter’s song…). Then Teroyoshi and Homare gave a speech. Then Mi-chan. Then it was over. It was cute!
  3. After class, Yukia-kun, a boy who only babbles nonsense when you try to talk to him, asked to show me some of his English homework. He had been practicing converting katakana words into English. His theme: fighting beetles. He then proceeded to give me a thorough explanation on about 25 different breeds, where they came from, and what kind of attack they have. I think it’s from a card game here. It was so funny. He never wants to talk or even attempt ANYTHING in English, but today he wanted to explain to me about these beetles. Granted, I understood about 3% of what he said… but it was nice.

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