Friday, July 21, 2006

I never feel alone with the headphones on.

  1. Number 1 good thing is that tomorrow is my birthday!!!
  2. Thursday’s enkai was pretty fun. Toda-sensei made me a goodbye DVD and the staff gave me a bottle of fancy looking sake.
  3. Toda-sensei also made an Abie Quiz to test the teachers about me. They did pretty good, but one teacher kept trying to cheat. He’d be like, “Abie, do you like sushi?” (in Engish which was good for him cuz he NEVER says anything in English). To that I said, “Eigo ga wakaranai…” (I don’t understand English). Muahaha!
  4. At the enkai, Kocho-sensei (the principal) wanted to give me a present, but he handed it to Yumiko, saying “Tell her that this is just something I had in my house.” But he didn’t want to tell me himself. So, I said “Kocho-sensei, I understand. Thank you for the gift,” in Japanese, he had a special silly reaction. By this time in the night, he was TRASHED off of sake. So when I said that I understood, he fell over! Just fell over onto his side! It was so funny! Straight down!
  5. This morning, I mailed off 3 more boxes home. 13000yen! Ugh! Ahh well, they need to get there one way or the other. It sucks though cuz tht was the cheapest I could send them.
  6. Today has been frustrating. I’ve been trying to sort how to close down all my bills and stuff. Damn, it’s complicated. I spent an hour and a bit in the bank with my supervisor and Yumiko. Every time I had something to say to make things easier, they all ignored me. It was so annoying, but super satisfying when I finally did explain myself, I was right. Ha!
  7. During the hour between errands, I played the Sims. Yay!
  8. Tonight Sara is coming over, and perhaps Stacey too. We are going to go to that yummy yakiniku place!


jemmy said...

Happy Birthday!
I hope you will enjoy your day with your sweet friends!

Anonymous said...


I just don't know how to write my
feeling...I miss you,but
I wish you many many happy returns
of the day.

I hope we meet again someday!
Give a hug to my cute,wonderful,
charming friend ,Abie.
(I'm so sorry that I can't write
well in English.)

Jun said...

To Abie "7:16pm" From Jun