Friday, July 07, 2006

If I don't got my socks on right, they slide right off of my feet

July 6, 2006

  1. During one of my elementary school classes, some of my Junior High 2-nensei boys were in the class with me as a work experience. IT was weird. 2/3 of the boys there were some of the shit-heads. So, that was interesting. Anyway, because they were there and the students were so excited to have the visitors, the class was psychotic.
  2. I booked my travel details all by myself yesterday, all in Japanese! That’s quite an accomplishment! I have to get Ocha and me from Tanbara all the way to Tokyo. Then, Ocha will stay in a pet hotel while I go and visit David. I will be in Sapporo from the evening of July 27th (Karl’s Birthday!!!) until the very wee hours of August 7th. My plane leaves Sapporo at 7:35AM on the 7th. Ugh! That means I will have to leave David’s apartment at around 5am or something like that. Gross! But, it’s all good. I am happy to get to go visit David again. :o)
  3. I watched the last of my 5 rentals: Life is Beautiful. I enjoyed it. It was certainly not at all what I had expected. I think out of that batch of five movies that I rented, my favorite was My Life Without Me.
  4. I went shopping and bought myself a nice small summer travel purse. No more big clunker with shit I don’t need in it. Just the basics, for the summer.

July 7, 2006

  1. We had a slice of watermelon with lunch! Oh, we also had WHEAT BREAD! That’s amazing! It’s pretty rare in these parts. In my year of eating school lunch, it was the first bread day that we had non-white bread.
  2. I booked my hostel for Tokyo, Ocha’s pet hotel for my trip to Sapporo, and Ocha’s reservation for Quarantine. I did it all by phone on my breaks. But, every place I called was in Tokyo, so someone spoke English each time. :o) But still, that was 3 things I got to cross off my mega-long to-do list. I am whittling it away.
  3. My 2-nensei class got cancelled today! That’s like the best news in a long time! Hehe. Man, I was so glad not to have to teach those kids. They are out doing work experience today.
  4. 1 more week of teaching, and then no more for me. I won’t miss the school part of my time here. But, I will miss the rest of my time. Going to school was the price to pay for living and experiencing Japan.
  5. I went over to Duncan’s for dinner. Yuka cooked us a delicious meal which I thoroughly enjoyed. Then we watched the movie about the traveling pants. It was aiite.
  6. Tonight John is coming over and we are going to watch Animal House and drink some Jack.

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