Sunday, July 16, 2006

Calm down, release your cares

  1. I’ve been feeling very quiet lately. I don’t know why. Perhaps it’s my impending departure from Tanbara. I have just over a week left here!
  2. Today I went with Yoko and Kozue to see our friend, Miwako, and her orchestra perform. The cultural center was packed! The orchestra was very good, although during some of the pieces, I had o seriously struggle to keep awake.
  3. After the concert, the 3 of us went to a coffee shop to crab a coffee and some nibblies. I was very quiet. I just seem to have lost anything interesting to say. I hope I am more chatty tomorrow.
  4. When I got dropped off at home, around 6, I started cleaning. I am rounding up all my things to pack. As soon as I am packed, I am going to start a mega clean. Unfortunately this apartment never looks as clean as it is. Ugh. It’s fairly old and there are some stains that have been here for eons.
  5. Tonight I read some nerdy stories on the web. I have started writing a story a school, but it’s really crap. Ahh well. It gives me something to do.

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racecarsandgothrock said...

Hey Abie - Bunnah here. A friend at work put me up to starting a blogger blog. I totally forgot you had one until I signed up too. I just read all of your July entries. I'm going to read the whole thing in the next couple of days. I feel kind of bad that I missed out. I'm trying to keep my identity kind of secret on my blog. I don't want to have to be careful about what I write (like I did on LJ)