Sunday, July 23, 2006

From the pouring rain

  1. Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes!!!! I love you all!
  2. Friday night, Sara came over and we went to yummy yakiniku. Then we stayed up and chatted for many hours. It was so nice!
  3. Saturday morning, Sara and I ate chocolate croissants for breakfast, chilled out and relaxed. Then, we took a nice hour-long walk around Tanbara.
  4. At 1:30ish, Yoko picked us up. We did some runs thru the grocery store, then headed to her place for cake making. It was nice fun. Sara and Yoko are both good at cooking. I wasn’t so good. But I was happy and enjoying being with friends. I felt very jumpy and happy, like when Ocha feels good, he does a binky jump. I was doing those.
  5. After we finished the cake, the 3 of us went to yakiniku at a DELICIOUS restaurant. Yakiniku 2 nights in a row killed my tummy, but was soooo good.
  6. Then was my party. There were about 15 or so people there. We ate at laughed. I got a couple of birthday presents which was exciting! Then we headed off to karaoke. About 8 of us went. It was such good fun! I sang loudly and danced a lot.
  7. Saturday night, Yoko and Sara stayed over. The next morning Sara went home early. Yoko and I played with Ocha for a bit, then walked over to Duncan’s apartment to get Yoko’s car. It was blocked in by Betchi’s car. It turns out that she had lost her car key some time in the night!! So, she called her mom to bring a spare. Right when her mom was almost there, Duncan remembered that he’d hid her car keys the night before so she couldn’t drive home drunkenly! Ha! Silly Duncster!
  8. Tonight I took a long walk in the rain with Duncan. We walked down roads neither of us had been before and made a few discoveries along the way, for example we found a little pond! It was nice to just walk and talk. I am going to seriously miss Duncan a lot. He has been such an amazing friend to me. My Tanbara brother.
  9. I ate Pringles for dinner at Duncan’s house. My stomach hurts now.

Tonight I am not in a talkative mood. I will perhaps add more to this later because my birthday was certainly very exciting and fun!

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