Tuesday, July 11, 2006

You gave me a heart attack; I did not see you there.

  1. This morning I was in a SERIOUS funk again. But, I had mid-morning classes at elementary school, so that cheered me up.
  2. At elementary school, between my two lessons, they held a goodbye ceremony for me. It was cute. Some of the classes re-enacted some of my lessons. Others performed on recorders. One did a dance.
  3. I went to a Thai cooking class tonight. We made lots of delicious food and I ate a TON!
  4. This one is VERY BAD news, but it needs to be mentioned. Tonight when I came home, I found TWO VERY HUGE LIVE cockroaches in my sink! I sprayed the hell out of them, thereby condemning my newly washed dished to another wash in the sink. God, I hate cockroaches! Seriously! UGH UGH UGH! God, I hope they aren’t running rampant in my home without me knowing about it. Ugh.


charlie said...

oh abie! i'm sorry the cockroaches have come out to play in your house. melissa and i have MUCH experience in cockroach assassination. we enjoy the spray, and also have been known to use the "suffocation by cup" method.

David said...

personally, i used to be a cocroach (three lives previous) so i never know which one is my direct family member, so i just say hello to them all and toss them over my balcony whenever I can. they sometimes come out and hang around by my sofa at night. many probobly live in your house with you. but they are harmless, and, ultimately, aspects of the one energy that flows through us all.

jenni said...

when I read that line "you gave me a heart attack..." I giggled. its so funny that Im not the only one who is totally amused by that.