Friday, July 14, 2006

Let's travel 'round the world, just you and me

For July 14th
  1. It was my last day of teaching! Now I am finished teaching!!!!! Woooo! Only 2 more days left at school!
  2. After school, I went to the doctor to see about this itchy rash that I’ve got. Being a foreigner is sometimes super cool! I went to see our English-speaking doctor friend, Iio-sensei. Anyway, I got in the office, gave them my card, went to the bathroom and basically the second I got out of the potty my name was called to go back and see the doctor. I waited, saw the doctor, paid, AND filled my prescription in less than 20 minutes, in spite of a MEGA crowded waiting room.
  3. I went to Richard’s surprise birthday party. We sang karaoke, ate cake, and set off fire works.
  4. When we were setting off fireworks, this old lady came and yelled at us. Well, she was across the river, but she was yelling at us about it being late and stuff. Anyway, so we moved away from the river. Yuriko was trying to get everyone to be super quiet, and then she set off the next firework, which she thought would just spray some fireworks into the air about 3 feet. Well, it turns out that she didn’t read the package properly because it ended up shooting about 4 super loud missile-like fireworks into the sky! Ha! Take that, Obaachan!
  5. I slept fairly well last night. I don’t remember my dreams, but I do remember that they were good.

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