Monday, July 03, 2006

You look through your personal window just to see me

  1. In my 2-nensei class, we did a project where we were re-writing the textbook in our own way, using Anpanman, a famous Japanese cartoon character, as a main character. Anyway, at the end, I asked the kids to write their names on it. One boy, Kohei, wrote Kohei *heart* Abie. Haha. It was so funny! I never thought I’d have a student get a crush on me.
  2. I did a cooking lesson with my special needs class today. We made chocolate chip cookies. It was WONDERFUL! Teroyoshi and Homare just sat and watched the oven to wait for the 9 minutes to be up. The other kids, Ryoto especially, were MEGA-keen to help out (a rareity, I assure you). It was fun AND I got out of cleaning time for it because our cookies weren’t quite finished yet. Double yeah.
  3. Tonight I went over to Duncan’s for tea. He played me a song he wrong about Ehime with some catchy and funny lyrics. His next project is to write a song for his girlfriend, Yuka. But he is having trouble thinking up lyrics. I told him about the song David used to sing to me (“She’s got red hair and glasses…”), but I am not a musical person, so I couldn’t explain the riff, even though I can hear it just fine in my head.

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