Sunday, April 23, 2006

And Mr. Bingley. Do you think he's in love?

  1. Last night was pretty good. For a while, I was worried cuz Yoko was the only Japanese person there, but then a huge pack of Japanese girls showed up. It was cool. Uhm, it was kinda a weird party. No one got really drunk. I only has 1 chu-hi. After being sick, I wasn’t in the mood to drink, really. And Yoko drove cuz it was raining, so she only had tea. After hanging at Richard’s place for a while, we went to Kana’s mom’s karaoke bar. It was really smoky. After being sick, I think I was really sensitive to the smoke, cuz I actually lost my voice while singing Sk8r Boi with Yoko. It completely went and didn’t come back until much later. I think overall it was an ok night. It was good to hang out with people and stuff, though. So that’s good. I think I would’ve had lots more fun if I wasn’t still kinda sick. Hehe. I guess that does tend to put a damper on things.
  2. Today at lunchtime, Yoko is coming over. We’re gonna eat lunch and watch Bridget Jones’ Diary and craft. I am going to work on my shawl some more. I swear one day I’m gonna finish the damn thing.
  3. I played Sims for hours and hours yesterday morning. It was so cool!
  4. Today I played with Yoko and Madoka. We went to Tsutaya (we rented the Japanese Bridget Jones’ Diary so we could have Japanese subtitles) and Marunaka to buy food for lunch. It turns out that there is a new coffee shop in Toyo that has BAGELS! Wow! Amazing! So we had wiener, tomato, and avocado bagels for lunch. Delicious! We came back, cooked, ate, watched Bridget Jones. After the movie, Yoko and I crafted while Madoka played with the spiral thingie Emily gave me. We watched Milo & Otis and Tonari no Totoro while crafting and playing. Then, Yoko and I showed The Death of Emily Ward and The Tanbara 5’Somes to Madoka. She was so scared during Emily Ward! She screamed at the end. Hehe. Bless her!

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David said...

Hey Im happy to hear that you are moving on forward in your japan life. Its so good to have such amazing friends such as yoko around. And im sure having the wonderful madoka there too just added to the fun factor.
Sounds like you are finally filling the time with hours of fun, with friends and those who care.