Monday, April 10, 2006

Daily Happy

This is a new journal for me. The purpose of this journal is for me to think positively. Today I am feeling a bit down, but I need to remember that there are good things in life, too. Every day, I will write things that made me happy that particular day or things that make me happy in general. I am going to work on my positive outlook on life. I remember a day when I was a very positive person and always looked on the sunny side of life. These days, it seems that I have lost that aspect of myself. I will work to get that back. My life is full of positive things, I just don’t let myself recognize and appreciate them for what they are. This journal is to help me remember what a lucky individual I am.

Today’s list:

  1. I met a student today named Shiori. She doesn’t talk at all. I think she can, she just doesn’t. If you ask her a question, she responds so quietly that no sounds come out of her mouth. So, today I met her during cleaning time. I had her in classes last semester, but in a big class, it’s hard to meet individuals. I’m very glad I learned her name. She always has a warm smile for me each day. Today, I decorated a chalkboard for the new students with her. I asked her to please write her name down for me so I could remember it better. And I will.
  2. The flowers on my desk have finally bloomed. They are simple, small flowers. Light purple on the outside with a yellow, star-shaped inside. I’m glad they’re bloomed. Lately, I’ve felt like time is going backwards into winter. It’s been getting colder, it seems. I am happy to remember that spring is very close on its way.
  3. I’ve drank my 8 glasses of water today. My body is very hydrated and feels much better. Last night, I went to sleep with my stomach feeling very ill. I worried that I was going to vomit. And when I woke up, it still felt ill. Alas, I had to come to school no matter what because today was an important ceremony. But after drinking my water for the day, my body feels happier and more energized.
  4. I look at the smallest real-life hippo ever on my desk.
  5. Mom gave me Milo & Otis. I’ve fallen asleep to it for the past 2 nights. It is a comforting movie to fall asleep to.
  6. I played The Sims at work today. It was glorious. Time actually went by (though slowly still… but I was entertained!)
  7. I received a new Victoria’s Secret catalog. I want to go back home and shop, shop, shop. I miss it.

1 comment:

David said...

Excellent you have a blog. I will read it everyday and think about you as i travel through the hours which compose my day.
I miss you much, and remember that i left part of myu spirit behind with you, it is there to keep that smile on your face and to help you in your life, until i return.
all my love