Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Beneath the sheets of paper lies my truth

  1. Last night I rented A Good Woman (Scarlett Johannson looking more beautiful than ever before) and stayed in. I decided that I wanted a night in to myself. It is relaxing and nice to have options and to skip them, rather than not having options at all. It’s the choice.
  2. Today I have Japanese lessons. I need to remember to grab the necklace I made to show Namioka-sensei. She said she wanted to see it, so I must remember to get it from home at lunch. (edit: Japanese class is cancelled because Namioka-sensei is very sick. Booo. I hope she gets better soon.)
  3. I am finally (after about a week or so) letting myself drink a cup of coffee. Yum. It tastes delicious.
  4. I got a letter from Alli and Catie. They wrote me a letter while eating lobster. The letter is written on bar napkins. Super nice. :o)
  5. I got a lovely long email from David. He always knows what to say to me to cheer me right up.
  6. I’ve been listening to Regina Spektor for hours and hour. Top 3 songs listened to: You Honor, Samson, and Oedipus. She is so amazing.

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Catie said...

Wow, you got our letter already? That's amazing. I sent it late last week! I thought it was going to take a month to get there. Apparently, I know nothing about international mail. I hope that you're doing well. Miss you.