Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Twist your head around; it's all around you

  1. Today I ate very extra delicious toast for breakfast. My maple butter is quite subtle, but delicious.
  2. I’ve planned my week’s lessons. I will start on next week’s if I have time. At 11:25, I have my first class with the 1-nensei slow-learners. We are going to chill, learning ABCs. I am lucky cuz I will also have Teroyoshi and Homare in that class to help me. Hehe. It promises to be pretty silly. It will be tough, though. I remember one of the slow kids from Tanbara Elementary. He just can’t do it, bless his heart. I may have everyone work in pairs on the ABCs puzzle I prepared.
  3. I got a package from Tataki Elementary (one of my old schools). In the package were a ton of pictures of me with the kids. Gosh, I loved that school! It was a challenge cuz I had to plan for combining different English levels into every level (since all the grades had it together, many time). But, nevertheless, I loved it. And now I have some fun pictures to hang on my wall of the kids! Woo!
  4. Today’s lesson was AMAZINGLY fun! I had the class with the 2 new slow learners (Yukia-kun and Fumie-chan). They are both super cute. Bless. And it was fun to have another class with Teroyoshi and Homare. First we learned the ABCs with my flash cards. Then I passed them out and they had to bring the letters back to me when I called the letters. Then I spread the cards out on the floor, and hey had to race to pick up the letter first. Finally we did an ABC puzzle. It was so nice!
  5. This afternoon, there was a seminar in Saijo about teaching English in elem schools. It was funny. I got to go to the front with ten people and pretend to be sausages. :oD It was silly. Afterwards I went and ate sushi with Duncan for dinner. Man, those rotating sushi bars are SO CHEAP! I am stuffed for only 600 yen (about $6)!!
  6. I feel so in love tonight. It’s funny how I can just choke up by looking at pictures of us together.

“Absense is to love what wind is to fire; it extinguishes the small, it enkindles the great.”
-Comte Debussy-Rabutin

For David

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