Thursday, April 13, 2006

I'm glad I didn't die before I met you

  1. Today is the first day back at classes. I have one today. I think it’s silly because I am nervous about it. I guess cuz I haven’t taught in a while. Also, I’m playing jeopardy, which I’ve never played at school before. It’ll be good, I hope. We’ll see how it goes. Also, today is the first day back with English Club. Apparently it will go on until June, and then is no more. No 1st years are joining it, so it is oooover. Sadness. So I think until June, Duncan and I are just gonna let Ayaka and Kasumi (the two members) decide what they want to do. As long as it’s in English, it should be fine. When we left for spring vacation, they were learning to sing Avril Lavigne songs. It was either that or memorize The Gettysburg Address. Ugh.
  2. I fell asleep watching Persuasion (a Jane Austen flick) last night. I do love my Jane Austen movies.
  3. I just had an idea for great classroom warm-ups. Improv. I searched Improv games online and found a bunch of good ideas for warm-ups! Hurrah! No more Shiritori for a long time! (I did an activity where first they greeted each other normally. Then I said “stop” and changed it. Then they greeted each other as if they were angry. Then as if they were in love with the person they were greeting. Then as if they were samurai. It didn’t work. They resisted enjoying it and just huddled in groups trying to avoid me. Disappointing, but I will try more improve warm-ups, just so I don’t get bored.)
  4. I just remembered the time they found a little worm in someone’s school lunch bread. It was gross. And funny.
  5. I had a very nice enkai tonight. I wasn’t really looking forward to it. It was for all the Board of Education people from Saijo and all around. I thought I’d hang out with drunken old men all night (which there were PLENTY of). As it turns out, I reconnected with two friends from August (Emi and Miyuki) and met two more nice girls in their 20s. Richard (the only other foreigner who went) was jealous cuz he said I found all the cute girls in the room to talk to me and he was stuck with all the old men. Ha!
  6. The sweetest email ever from David. I am such a lucky girl. And I mean that so wholeheartedly.

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