Monday, April 24, 2006

Oh no! Where do we go from here? Up up up!

  1. In my 2-nensei lesson today, we did a mix and matcher person draw. Some of the boys were drawing…inappropriate things. I don’t really care, though. They are teenage boys. I wasn’t surprised to say the least.
  2. I feel lots better today. I think I’m almost all better. Is it bad, though, that I wished I’d been sick today and tomorrow, just to miss school. There was no way I could miss Friday, as sick as I was; I had to come no matter what.
  3. I don’t understand my school. Some of the students kick ass. For example, a few of the 1-nensei girls always say hello and talk to me. But on the other hand, lots of the 2 and 3-nensei suck hardcore. I don’t get it. I absolutely don’t understand why they don’t like me so much. I know they are early teenagers, and for the most part, teenagers suck. Really, the good thing about this one is that being here makes me appreciate being home so much more. Here, I am always stared at and treated as a complete outsider. Back home, I am someone, not just a weird gaijin. I really look forward to leaving Tanbara. But, I don’t want to leave my friends here. They are such good people! Yoko is so cool. I will definitely miss her a lot.
  4. p.s. I hate my job. I can’t wait to come home. Today is gardening day. But, did anyone feel the need to tell me? Nope. So, I wore a skirt today, thinking I’d try to look nice. And now Kyoto-sensei is giving me mean looks cuz I’m not going out to garden with everyone. This is why so many ALTs hate their jobs, like I hate mine. We aren’t important at all. And we can’t read memos and whatnot, if they even give them to us. Then, when something happens, it’s apparently our fault for not being able to decipher the weekly schedule. Bah. But, if it was really all that important that I participate, they would tell me about it (possibly, not definitely not certainly) Good news: I only have 3 more months until my contract is over.
  5. Today in English Club, since Duncan isn’t coming, I think I’m going to see if the girls want to go do something, like take a walk or ride to Toyo to play. … (edit: Kasumi wasn’t there today, so it was just Ayaka and me. We played with clay and listened to music.)
  6. While everyone was out gardening, I was re-doing my resume. It looks pretty nice, if you ask me.
  7. Tonight I ate Mac n Cheese for dinner! YUM YUM YUM!

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