Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I believed for a moment that my chances were approaching to be grabbed

  1. I had a dream about going to an arcade and playing Skeeball with Melo, Em, Jenna, Greg, John B, and the other members of the crew. It was amazing! I even won a prize!
  2. I watched 3 episodes of Whose Line is it Anyway? Instead of doing work this morning. I did lots of work yesterday, so I think I deserved it, ne? :oD Woo! That show is so funny! I’m going to download more tonight when I get home, I think.
  3. I had my Japanese lesson today. I wasn’t in the mood for it, but my teacher is so rad. I love her to death. I’ll put a pic of us on flickr tonight, so you can see her. She is very, very small. Bless!
  4. Tonight, I am going to go to sleep very early. I will watch a movie and then go to sleep. I’m not really feeling myself this evening, so I think it’s best for me to fall asleep early. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll wake up refreshed and much happier. Gnite.

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charlie said...

I wish I could have shared that dream with you! I love skee ball. and I love you.