Sunday, April 30, 2006

Love actually is...all around

  1. Today, I had a very good day. At about 9:50 Richard came over. He was followed by David T and his friend Koji around 10. Then a bit after 10, Popcorn arrived. We chatted here for a few then headed out. To begin the day, we went to Yoko’s “mysterious and beautiful place.” She was right about both of those things. I wish I had had a camera today. It was called Namegawa Gorge. The specific place we went there was called “The Dragon’s Stomach.” How amazing! It really might have been the single most beautiful place I’ve been in Japan. It was so green. I really felt like I was in the forest of the forest spirit like in Princess Mononoke. It was AMAZINGLY beautiful.
  2. After that, we headed to Matsuyama to see a movie. We saw V for Vendetta, which I highly recommend. I don’t think Yoko enjoyed it as much as us, because the humor doesn’t translate into Japanese. But, it was a great film! Go see it! After the movie, we did some purikura, of course!
  3. Then we went to The Dragonfly Café and got some drinks and pizza. Then, we came back to Tanbara cuz Koji and David had to be back to meet people. When they went back to Niihama, Yoko, Richard, and I hung out for a long time. We went to eat yakiniku, which was delicious as always. Then we rented movies.
  4. We watched 28 Days Later tonight, which was JUST as scary the second time around. Luckily for me, Mom called during the film, so I got to miss the scariest parts. Thank you Mom!
  5. Tonight after playing with Ocha, I’m going to watch Love Actually and go to sleep. Today was just the day I needed to help lift my spirits. They aren’t back to normal yet, but today helped keep my mind feeling good. Thank you to my wonderful friends!

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