Thursday, April 27, 2006

She wanted to be a cowboy.

  1. I feel a bit better today, I guess. I’ve been up and down. Last night I was down, and then up, and then down again. I don’t know. I feel pretty ok right now, though. Not tip top, but not so bad. Well, I am still up and down. Down now, hopefully up later.
  2. Today I had 2 3-nensei lessons. I have learned that I truly hate another of my students. I wish I was only elementary school. Some of the students here are such assholes. But, I know. They are 14 year old boys. Almost all 14 year old boys suck.
  3. I watched a “Best of Whose Line is it Anyway?” today. I couldn’t help but laugh. Hitotsuyanagi-sensei asked me if I was having a good experience. Yep. It’s good no one could see that I was watching TV. I wonder what they think I was laughing at. But anyway, it was pretty hilarious. Kinda naughty in parts, tho. I may still show it in English club. It’s rainy today, so we may watch it or a movie rather than do anything real or productive. Dunno yet.
  4. I’ve decided that today is an Aretha Day. Those days are necessary sometimes. The song The Weight is so amazing. It’s my favorite song by her. Oh, it just turned into a Lisa Loeb day.
  5. This is not a good thing, but it’s worth mentioning. I have been having cigarette cravings lately. I’ve not smoked one in ages. I don’t know why I’m craving them right now. And it’s not just a small craving. It’s a hardcore one. I don’t know why. (edit. It’s now about 12 hours later. The craving is mostly gone-ish. . . but not fully).
  6. My student, Yasuyuki(one of the ones that I like), is reading The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. I’m so impressed with him. His English is perhaps the best in the school. He’s very funny, though. Because he’s still learning and whatnot, he is VERY blunt. It’s refreshing, though. He’s very honest, all the time. “Yasuyuki, did you like that game.” “No.” Hehe or “Yasuyuki, would you like some help weeding the garden [during cleaning time]?” “No. I do it alone.” Hehe. He’s a good kid. I totally appreciate the fact that there is ONE person in this school who will always give me an honest and forthright opinion.
  7. Today’s weather cleared up, so for English Club we took a trip to a shrine nearby the school. It’s called Kumyoji Temple and it is beautiful! I wish I had my camera; I would’ve taken a ton of photos of it. After our mini ensoku, I felt lots better. I still don’t feel up to par, really. But, well, oh well. I’ll get over it.
  8. Tonight, I took a long bath. Back in September, David gave me a gift of some bath fizzies. It was this huge blue ball with lavender bits in it. Tonight, I used it. I was saving it until a day that I needed it. Today was that day. It was so nice. I loved having the billion bits of lavender floating around in the tub. Thank you, David.

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