Monday, April 17, 2006

Where we are weak, that is where we are strong.

  1. This morning I woke up so early. I first woke up at 5:30! I went back to sleep and kept waking up. But it was weird. After waking up, I’d go back to sleep and continue my dreams the way they were. They were some strange dreams, though. Ones that I hope never come true. Although it was cool cuz I was at Japanese-style karaoke in Chicago (I think) at one point.
  2. My first two classes of today are going to suck, probably. One is the behavior disorder kids, and the other is 2-nensei. Ugh, I don’t like 2-nensei. But, it is good cz today after lunch I get to teach my special class. Hurrah! Today we will make animals out of clay. Next week, we are going to do a pet store skit with the animals. It’ll hopefully be fun. My first class was boring, but it was ok. No complaints. We did a “magazine word hunt” activity, then played Go Fish. Those kids love card games for some reason. My 2nd class was good. The 2-nensei weren’t crap for once. They actually enjoyed English Sumo, unlike the other 2-nensei class. My special class today was nice. I brought in clay and we made animal out of it, learning animal names. Next week, when the clay is dry, we will play “Pet Shop” with the animal. We’ll do a small skit about buying a pet and learn how to care for our pets. Teroyoshi, cuz of his ADD couldn’t make just one animal and leave it, so he kept making things and then turning them into something else. Hehe. Homare made a horse, a squid, and 2 beetles to sell in our pet store. Miyata-sensei made a crab, an alligator, a dog (that looked like a lion!), and a snake. I made a koala, a pig, a sea otter, a rabbit, and a bird. Next week, while playing shop, I’ll take photos.
  3. Emailing back and forth with David always makes me smile so much. What a star.
  4. Having Duncan and Richard over for dinner. I cooked avocado omelets and hash browns. They loved it! It was silly. It was cool to just hang out and chat. David, I showed them all of your movies. They loved them! Richard says he is inspired by you! He thinks they are great! And he kept saying during Emily Ward that it was so scary and tense! Kudos, Icle!

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David said...

I love you...thru n thru