Saturday, April 15, 2006

I was staring at the sky, just looking for a star to pray on or wish on or something like that.

This journal is becoming more like a blog and less like a list of things that make me happy. But it’s ok. I will try and keep it like I originally wanted it. But, in a way, I think it may be better this way. I will let it evolve into how it evolves. I will still try to keep only my positive thoughts in here.

  1. Yesterday was an amazing day. It was just so relaxing. Yoko picked me up at 11. We went to Matsuyama and picked up Emi. Emi is a spunky little lady who is a “police assistant.” She is just as crazy and Loco Yoko. So, it was pretty funny. But even though we were all being silly, it was still so relaxed. We went and looked in accessory and handmade items shops for a few hours. Then, we had some coffee and chatted. Then off to Karaoke. We found this hole-in-the-wall place in Matsuyama that was the nicest Karaoke place! The bathrooms were so pimp, I can’t even describe it. At this Karaoke place, I sang many fun songs (Why Bother and Tired of Sex by Weezer, Baby Got Back, The Humpty Dance….). It was all so funny! After Karaoke, we headed up to the Jungle Onsen and relaxed for a long time. This time, I didn’t faint! Yay! Hurrah for not passing out naked with a bunch of strangers! Hehe After the onsen, we took Emi home. Then Yoko and I went to a really nice café on the way home (cuz she was hungry). The Dragonfly Café (name of the café) was super nice and even gave us free desserts. Apparently any time of the day, females get a free mini-dessert. It was nice. Overall, I had a very nice day yesterday. It was just what I needed. I ended up getting home about 11:30pm. Pictures will be on Flickr soon.
  2. I just read David T’s post about his teacher who passed away recently. It brought tears to my eyes and made me think. If when I die, I can affect someone as much as Professor Brawley affected David T… well, then I would count my life as a complete success. Prof. Brawley was an inspiration and a friend to David. That made me think. Each person we meet, we affect and change in some way, whether large or small. Lives are so intertwined with others. We are all dependant on others for our future. But, we are still our own beings. It’s strange to realize that although I can and do make my own decisions, many time those have been influenced by others. Maybe even by people I barely know. It’s strange to think of what a web of existence we all live in.
  3. It’s now mid-afternoon. I have been up a long time today. I awoke at around 7am. I have been unable to convince myself to go outside today so far. I’m just not in the mood. Today is a beautiful day. Windy, but very sunny. I did some laundry and hung out some of the futons to air. But really, that’s all I have done so far. I’ve been randomly searching the internet today for something interesting to look at. I finally gave up and began a knitting project. I’m not quite sure how it will turn out, though. I think I gauged it wrong and my needles were just a tad too big for the yarn. I know that doesn’t mean much to most of you, but it does make a big difference, I promise. And even though it may be a tad unhealthy to stay in and not really see the sun all day, I am enjoying it. This morning I was feeling so unsettled and frustrated with life. I do feel a bit calmer now. And anyway, I think I will go for a long walk later, just to see the sun.
  4. Pride & Prejudice is a very calming movie for me. It’s nice because I can watch it or not. Just listening to it is comforting to me. And it makes me feel relaxed. I wish I was in Apt 6 today, watching it. Having Emily, Melo, Jenna, Catie, and Alli walk in randomly and chatting to me while I am snuggled in a fleece blanket watching it. I miss that a lot. And now that I’m living alone, I miss things like that even more. It makes me appreciate the comfort that friends and loved ones give. I can’t just pounce on David and wrestle right now. It makes me sad, but it also makes me remember what fun it is. I am so happy to have my friends. Even though everyone is so far away from me physically, they still make me happy.
  5. I went on my walk. I was gone for an hour, just wandering around back roads. I wanted to see where they led. Anyway, pictures are up on flickr. Please enjoy them. :o)
  6. Getting invited to go out to dinner. Stacey invited me to Chinese tonight. I never knew there was a Chinese restaurant in Toyo! A delicious one at that!! It was good and reasonably priced. It was nice to get out, chat it up, and eat Chinese food!! Yum!


Jenna said...

Is Japanese Chinese food like American Chinese food or more like Chinese-Chinese food?

I bought the "deluxe edition" (or maybe "special edition"?) of Pride and Prejudice the other day at Sam's for super cheap. It made me giddy with joy, as it is a comfort movie for me too after living with you for so long. I'm not sure what makes this set "special" but I like it.

And now for the geeky harassment part of the comment: please syndicate so I can properly keep up with your musings.
I would mean ever so much to me.

David said...

I love reading your blog picklehead. I can picture all that you are doing, and shithella it seems fun. That popcorn, well she is a `topclass bird` ne!
Glad your having good times.
Mine will hopefully begin soon
oh...p.s miss ya ;o)