Monday, May 01, 2006

We've been walking barefoot all summer

  1. Last night I slept… well, not very well. I feel like I barely slept. I remember still being awake at 3:18am… but I know I had been falling asleep and waking up many times. BUT, I am very happy about my sleep because I didn’t have any nightmares.
  2. Today is the first flip-flop day of the season! I am so happy! Flip flops make me happy.
  3. Funny thing just happened. I walked into my special class today so we could make Mother’s Day gifts. And… I got there and they were all dressed in their outdoor gear. Ryoto-kun said, “Maki-sensei, Abie wa kittayo.” “Abie, kyou no jyugyou wa nashi.” Oh. My class was cancelled. No one told me. Ah well. I am sad to miss making necklaces with Teroyoshi and Homare, though. It was gonna be silly! It is really sometimes comical how I get told nothing. My classes are cancelled and I don’t hear a word about it. Ahh. I guess they assume I can read their minds (which are in Japanese, even if I could read then, I wouldn’t understand! Hehe)
  4. Today for 3 periods, I studied Japanese (barely) and played Sims. Man, escaping out of the staff room to do this is so much better. I don’t have to worry about anyone giving me shit for it. I can just do it. On my free days, if I have very little to do, I’m gonna keep doing this. I may also bring movies and knitting to school, too. I mean, there will be days where I’m so busy I could die… but Mondays and Wednesdays are pretty empty for me. So, after I finish my lesson planning, I can come and waste my life away, out of the watchful eyes of the teachers.
  5. Today for English Club, we watched half of 28 Days Later. They wanted a scary movie… and they got one! But they are loving it, so far. We watched it at my apartment because it wouldn’t work on my computer and the DVD player at school is super ghetto. It was excellent. After we ended English Club, we kidnapped Duncan and went and sis purikura together. Ayaka and Kasumi rock my face. We are going to make an English Club website. Just you wait and see. They are silly.
  6. Tonight was Ikebana. I love it. My sensei says that I have a good eye for it, even only after 3 times. Ureshii! I really enjoy it so much. She says when I go back home, I should teach all my friends Ikebana. I will. On my bike ride home, I was thinking about what I would possibly want to do in the future. Maybe I will teach Ikebana. I can still study my Japanese and do something I love. Now, I just need to tie it in somehow with costume history. I’m sure it can be done. When I figure that part out, I think I will have my future all sorted.

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