Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The adventure that is my life

  1. I missed May 2nd. I didn’t have time to write a Daily Happy because I escaped to Niihama for the night. I ended up drinking half a bottle of Jim Beam with my friend Emma and passing out. It was good for me. I really don’t think I’ve been that drunk in years. A long damn time.
  2. This morning, Emma and I met David T for breakfast at Mister Doughnut’s. It was delicious, as ever. But unfortunately, being that my stomach was full of whiskey still, it needed more nutrition, which I got later.
  3. As we waited for Mister Doughnut’s to open, we visited a little neighborhood shrine near David’s apartment. It has a magical overgrown fairy garden. Amazing. Then, we were on our way to a second shrine, when we saw a child-size taikodai (festival thingie) with a bunch of little kids pulling it. Today was Child’s Day in Japan, that’s why. It was so cute! And the kids turned out to be students of David’s, and they asked him for his autograph, which was adorable.
  4. After breakfast, David and I chatted in his apartment for a bit. Then, we went to a bagel place (YUM!) for lunch. We met up with Emma, Joss, Mayu, and Kaori and ate ate ate. Then, we went to a big playground by the sea.
  5. Then Emma and Joss came to Tanbara to watch Love Actually with Yoko and me. Yoko is cool. I am hanging out with her and Kana tomorrow. Yoko wants to eat delicious food. I want to go shopping. We will see where that takes us.
  6. I bought a new camera yesterday. It's a Canon SD 30. It’s in Glamour Gold and is very cute. I like it.

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David said...

hi. great pics! your coat kept me warm that day. see you soon.