Thursday, May 18, 2006

You see your breath in the air.

  1. My lessons this morning were great. The activity I had planned actually worked! Yosh! I was pretty stoked about that.
  2. Rice was yummy at lunch today. Lucky for me, cuz it was the only think I ate again. The soup was ok at first, but then I crunched down on something truly disgusting and was completely turned off the soup.
  3. After elementary school today, I went home for about 30 minutes to recover. I ate raisin bread with cream cheese. Yum!
  4. Tonight Yoko and I went to Richard’s for a movie. He originally invited just Yoko and not me, then she invited me. I thought it was a “him trying to put the moves on Yoko.” So, I called him and was silly and asking him about it. But he thought I was just being a bitch, which is not what I meant. So when I went over, we discussed it and I apologized for seeming like a bitch. I mean, I think it is ok if Rich likes Yoko. I don’t know if he does or not, but Rich is a cool guy, and Yoko is a cool girl. Plus, they really get along. Anyway, yeah. I dunno. Sorry Rich!
  5. Yoko and Richard performed a “milk plant” dance for me. It was… interesting. And very silly.

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