Friday, May 26, 2006

If the perfect spring is waiting somewhere, just take me there

I feel very quiet today. I wish I could go the whole day without physically saying a word. I just don’t feel like I want to at all. Remember how sometimes back home I would just no say anything for hours. It’s that feeling. Note to self: When you are feeling quiet and strange, Bright Eyes is the best and worst music choice.

  1. I had a cup of tea with my breakfast this morning.
  2. Now that I’ve set up my computer area onto the kitchen table, Ocha has gotten lots more play time. Yesterday he was out over 3 hours. I have to keep an eye on him still, but he’s not misbehaving so much anymore. Although, yesterday he DID eat a huge chunk out of my hairbrush handle. What a silly bunny.
  3. I haven’t had to speak a word pretty much all morning. It’s been nice. I wish I didn’t have classes today so I could just hide somewhere and not talk to anyone. Alas. Well, it is now towards the end of the school day. I haven’t talked much still. Just enough to where people won’t wonder what’s up.
  4. Today after lunch, we had a school assembly. It was another very random one. It was about what to do if an intruder comes to school. It’s so weird though. We are taught to deal with guns and bombs…they learned how many meters to stay away from someone with a baseball bat. As if in Japan, they don’t even have guns. It was so random. This guy had a small fluffy bat to thwap his assistant with. They have all these well-planned things to do in case of an emergency. But, really. Does anyone follow those? I mean, if someone comes in with a gun, you can’t expect to leave it to one specific student to tell the next class. It was such a crock. But it was funny because he kept whacking his assistant (a very petite woman) with his bat and telling everyone to remember that 3 meters away is best, but 1.5 will do.
  5. Right now there is this very weird cleaning thing going on. But I don’t know. On the board in the teacher’s room there was a list of a few clubs and location. Turns out those were cleaning locations. English club wasn’t up there at all. I kinda assumed that we would end up having English club today. Apparently not? I don’t know at all. So now, I am hiding in the kotatsu room, wondering what I am supposed to being doing, and wondering if anyone will actually notice that I’m not there. But you know, when no one tells me, I don’t feel so bad.
  6. I spent all day today not wanting to see or talk to anyone. Now that I am home, I am lonely. So, I just invited myself to Pan’s for the night. We will watch movies and whatnot. Then, in the morning, I will go to Matsuyama to get my hair cut. If she is free, then I will see if she wants to walk around Mats with me for the afternoon.

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charlie said...

I like that you call Matsuyama "Mats".