Monday, May 08, 2006

We rappers is role models. We rap; we don't think.

  1. Last night I cooked dinner for Rich, Duncan, and John. It was nice to have them over to just chat and eat. I made mashed potatoes, little steaks, and raw veggies with salad dressing. For dessert, we had a peach and pineapple cobbler. It was exciting. When it’ just me, I don’t cook at all. I just eat cereal or something. But I like cooking for people. Especially, Rich and Duncan. I could make anything and they would think it was delicious.
  2. Last night I had a very vivid dream that I got pregnant, and then had a baby. Dream dictionaries say this about pregnancy: “New life. Creative. Inventive. Prepared to produce something. This dream forecasts a happy increase in material wealth.” About children (because later in the dream, he was a little boy of about 4ish): “Happiness. Rebirth. Trust. Innocence. The new self seeking to develop. Part of self nature is childlike. If your dream featured children…its augury is one of happiness in domestic affairs and/or business interests, whichever concerns you most.” It’s all very interesting because I have been very sad and uneven lately. But yesterday, I began to feel better.
  3. I love the song A.M. 180 by Grandaddy. David put it on a mix CD for me ages ago, and I liked it then, too. But today, I’ve re-discovered it and I like it a lot. And I am enjoying listening to other Grandaddy songs today, too. It’s nice and relaxing.
  4. Yesterday, I got to talk to Bonnie a lot. That made me happy, just to chat with her about stuff. She is such a cool gal!
  5. Nishi-sensei just said to me, “Something is different about your face…” Oh yeah, I got a sunburn over Golden Week. Hehe. It’s just such a random way to say it, ne? :o) “Something is different about your face” makes it seems like I got a nose job or something. Hehe.
  6. Today I found out that all my special kids are in one class. That is good cuz its easier to plan for bigger classes, BUT it’s bad because they are all VERY different levels. Very different. But now Teroyoshi and Shiori are together. They are two of my faves! Anyway, today in class I brought old magazines and we made beads out of strips of magazine. So, we made magazine necklaces for Mother’s Day (Which is Sunday, don’t forget!!)

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