Saturday, May 27, 2006

Everybody feels this way sometimes, and I do.

  1. Friday night, Pan and I had a nice time just chillin out and being silly. I learned the name of a silly hairstyle for children in Thailand called “juk” or something close to that. Pan spent a while making my hair into a “juk” style. Then, I made her lay on my back. Then she farted on me. What a silly kid!
  2. Saturday, I woke up around 8. Pan and I caught the 9am bus into Mats. I had a hair appointment t 11. …After that, we went out to lunch and I had a delicious margherita pizza and then a milk crepe for dessert. Yum! Then, we went into a big dept store called La Floret. We ended up spending eons in there cuz Pan is a very slow shopper, but that’s ok. No rush if there doesn’t need to be. I almost bought a $50 hat, but Pan persuaded me out of it. It was just as well. I prolly wouldn’t have worn it too much… or maybe I would have. Dunno. We bought some jewelry and then headed up to the 4th floor to look at glasses. Mine are falling apart and I want to buy new ones here cuz they are all fun colors! I bought a pastel pink pair and a neon blue pair. They won’t be ready until after I am back from Sapporo, though. It’s cuz I have to have my lenses a special way that takes time and stuff. After that, I bought some bobby pins and we got on the last bus home.
  3. Last night around 9:30, I went to Karaoke with Raul, Take, and Scott. It was a nice distraction. I sang lots of songs very badly, but it was ok. No one there had a particularly beautiful voice, so I felt ok. I tried Sakuranbo, but failed miserably. More practice is needed.
  4. Today I woke up around 7:30am. I feel a bit ill today. I can’t stop sneezing. Ugh. But I am going to use today to relax and just be.

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charlie said...

your glasses sound radical! i can't wait to see them.