Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Maybe not from the direction you are staring at

  1. I have my Japanese lesson today! I am excited to see Namioka-sensei and chat to her. She’s such a cool lady. I’m going to miss her so much! I wish my students wanted to learn English as much as I want to learn Japanese. I was afraid that after I’d decided not to re-contract or stay in Japan that I would become super de-motivated to study and learn Japanese. Luckily, that’s not the case. I want to keep studying even after I leave Japan.
  2. I added chocolate mix to my coffee today. So, I have a choco-coffee drink, and it’s delicious.
  3. Today after getting home, I decided I wanted a bit glass of bailey’s and milk. Well, now it turns out that at 6:38pm, I am feeling a bit tipsy. Oh life is so funny at times.
  4. I just killed a fly, and picked it up with a tissue. I squished it by accident in the tissue and it got blood everywhere. I didn't know flies had a ton of blood in them. . . Yuck.

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stacey said...

that's so funny cause i had a bailey's last night too... it was strange cause i normally never drink by myself. now i can think i was drinking with you! oh, and why the cat litter? you have a kitty now too??? take care sweetie :)