Thursday, May 25, 2006

the dotted line leaves space for you

  1. I’ve decided. This weekend I am getting my hair cut. I am in need of it pretty badly.
  2. I have 9 days until I go to Sapporo! I am excited about going and visiting David and seeing Hokkaido. I have been researching Sapporo and all the things I might want to do. Lots of outdoorsy things I actually want to do. We shall see how it goes. As for now, I am going to not really plan anything and just play it by ear. Although I really must go to the famous cheesecake place. I think Yoko would kill me if I didn’t come back with some Hokkaido cheesecake. It’s famous!
  3. I’ve decided that it is true that I have a mental block on planning lessons. I am completely out of ideas. I am sitting here trying to think of stuff to do next week and the week I get back. But, alas. I have absolutely no ideas.
  4. Today I came home at 3pm. Elementary school ended early, so I decided to come home then, rather than go back to school.
  5. This evening took me on an adventure through the normal hangouts of Toyo and Tanbara. First, a little before 6 I decided that I should go ahead and pick up the movie for tomorrow’s lessons (Lilo & Stitch again). On the way out of Tanbara, I stopped at Duncan’s and watched soccer and drank tea with him. He just got Sky TV which means he can watch the World Cup, which he is beaming about. We decided to go grab some Joyfull grub on my way to Tsutaya (the video rental place). We ate and then I headed to the video store and he headed back to Tanbara for volleyball practice. In Tsutaya, I ran into Raul, the high school ALT here. He didn’t see me, so I snuck behind him and gave him a surprise hug from behind (and a bit of a scare!). We went to Marunaka together cuz he needed groceries and Ocha needed pellets and hay. We walked around there for a bit. Then he invited me to come over to his to watch some episodes of Golden Girls (he’s an addict!). First, I checked out the brand new huge 100-yen store next to Marunaka. It’s a Daiso, just like our other one. But this new one is much bigger…but full of the exact same shit. Curious. After Daiso, I rode over to Raul’s and we proceeded to have a mini-marathon of Golden Girls. We watched 5 episodes back to back! What a funny show, for serious!! Then, at 10:45, I came back home.
  6. Sweet dreams tonight, everyone. I will try my best to have sweet ones, too. Slurp!


charlie said...

it sounds like there is plenty of great stuff to do in Sapporo. i think it will be a good vacation. i am very hopeful for you.

little italy is all geared up for the world cup too. they have a big sign outside!

lovely dreams, my dear.

David said...

whos charlie?
i think i got a comment from this person too?

Anonymous said...
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