Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Portrait of a Lady, Poster of a Girl

  1. I feel a little bit cheerful today. I think it’s because of the weather. This morning was such a cheerful and happy time. I was happy I woke up early so I could relax and enjoy my time at home this morning.
  2. I wrote an entry in my Japanese diary about how mischievous Ocha is. Then I drew a picture of him being mischievous. Namioka-sensei will be amused. Since my lessons for today and tomorrow are all planned, I have been studying Japanese this morning. It’s been a while since I last studied. I guess cuz I am farther ahead in the textbook on my own than we are in lessons. But I am at a chapter that I am stuck at, but I have to wait to reach that chapter in lessons to figure it out. So, I haven’t had as much to study in this time while I wait to get to chapter 24. I guess I could have been studying stuff like kanji or something. Ah well.
  3. I went to eat dinner at Stacey’s tonight with Alex, Matt, Pan, and John (well, and Stacey of course! It’s her house!) Stacey made us some delicious Thai food and tapioca pudding for dessert! What a treat! We were supposed to discuss the new ALTs, but we didn’t really. We just bullshitted and were hangin out mostly. It was nice. And this time, even though I was scared a little, I didn’t almost get hit by 2 cars on the way home again! That was a bonus!

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