Tuesday, May 23, 2006

In the end, all the children go to heaven

  1. I am still breathing today.
  2. I did some of my Japanese homework. My teacher asked me to keep a journal in Japanese. So, I’ve started it and just wrote about some my weekend activities.
  3. I am drinking a hot chocolate at work instead of coffee.
  4. Today since there is no English club, I am going to go straight home after elementary school at 4. Hooray for going home early and not telling anyone about it. Muahaha.
  5. Tonight, Duncan is going to cook me dinner, since I’ve cooked for him many times. When he asked what I wanted to eat, he was confused that I wanted a salad for dinner. Hehe. (edit: dinner was good. after dinner, richard came over and we were throwing around ideas about making an english movie for the students. english superheros. i want to be gerund (-ing) girl!)

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