Saturday, May 06, 2006

You're a long way from New York, Constable.

  1. I have done a lot the past few days. Sorry I haven’t been updating as much. I will get better now that I must go back to school. I have been very busy, so that’s been good. It’s been a very emotional past couple of days. It will be ok now though. Sometimes things just need a discussion to help settle them, ne?
  2. On Friday, I went into Niihama again. I did a lot of shopping. Not really for me. I was trying to find some nice presents for people when I get back home. I want to have some cute and nice Omiyage for people.
  3. After shopping, I walked towards David T’s apartment. I ended up meeting him at Ikku Shrine (an amazing shrine with the biggest trees I’ve seen in my live. It’s so amazing that in the middle of the city there is a huge shrine with the biggest trees over.) I met him, Kieran (who brought an extra bicycle for me), Michelle, and Ashley (Michelle is a GEOS person I just met and Ashley is her Canadian friend). We all then took a very long bike ride up to the park I went to the other day with the Niihama kids. It was very nice. I played with some kids in a fountain and made a new friend. She made me pat her belly so I could see how wet her shirt was. It was cute.
  4. After we came back, David and I went back to his place. He painted and I knitted. It was very comforting. For dinner we went to Fuji near his house, and I got a gyoza set. I only ate one gyoza. That’s all my body wanted. I got full after a small bowl of chicken broth, 1 gyoza, and a lil bit of rice. I don’t know why sometimes I just can’t do Japanese food. I used to like it when I first arrived here, but now… I just can’t hack most of it. I don’t know why.
  5. After dinner, we watched Requiem for a Dream, which I liked much better the second time around. I had seen it before, but I was very disturbed by it the first time. The second I could appreciate it much better.
  6. Yesterday morning, David T and I went back to Aeon to buy a gift for his friend’s birthday. I ended up buying my first CD in Japan. I got a Mash-up CD of hip-hop and rock! It’s really fun. I like it. After shopping, we walked back to Mr T’s and ate some raisin bread and cream cheese. Delicious!
  7. I came back to Tanbara around 4ish. At a bit after 6, I went to Raul’s apartment for a spaghetti dinner. It was a nice dinner. But, I got hit by a car on the way there! That was an adventure. Actually, she hit my pant leg and didn’t quite hit my leg. It was so scary! I screamed really loudly. After being so emotional yesterday, I burst into a fit of laughter about it all. It makes me feel better cuz at least it wasn’t my fault. It was completely her fault. Anyway, it was raining, so I got SOAKED getting there.
  8. When I got home, I got a needed email from David and I called my brother. Karl really is my glass doctor. Thank you, Karl!
  9. Today I picked up the apartment a little bit, and then made a cup of tea. I haven’t had much tea since David left, but I can definitely see why he likes it. It is such a calm drink.
  10. I got a REALLY random email from a kid named Michael I met in Kyoto almost 2 years ago! Wow! I was quite surprised. It’s super cool.

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charlie said...

hit by a car??? oh, abie. i thought you lived in the countryside. how scary.