Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I’m off on a rocketship, prepare for something new.

Today, I feel very bad for my Japanese teacher. We were studying something very difficult, and she thought that I understood more than I really did. So, she pulled out this really difficult map and wanted me to explain (in Japanese, of course) how to say “First, go straight. At the second street turn left. After you cross the bridge, turn right and the post office is about 50 meters ahead on the right.” Well, in case you don’t know, that’s FUCKING DIFFICULT! So, my brain screamed in pain and couldn’t take it. Then, every stress I’ve had in the past few months burst out and I had a break down right in front of Namioka-sensei. Bless her. She had no clue what to do. I didn’t really either. I wasn’t expecting it at all. That asking me to give impossible directions was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I need to get her something nice from Sapporo as an apology for bursting into tears at her. I felt bad, cuz it wasn’t really her fault. Just at that moment, it was a bad time. And I know it didn’t help that one of my stuents had just been in the room and laughed (yes, laughed at me!) at my feeble attempt to say, “After you cross the bridge, the bank will be on your left.” Oh man, my confidence has been crushed.

Now to the dailies:

  1. I was told by some parents upon walking into school that I am a “charming doll.” In English, no less! Amazing! Sometimes it’s so random the English words some people know. They can’t say, “My name is ___.” But they can say, “charming doll.” Hehehe. Yay Japan. Sometimes it’s so backwards, but I like it.
  2. Today has been a Guster day. From the moment of waking, I have wanted to listen to Guster. Then, it became a Muse day. Now it is currently a PJ Harvey day.
  3. I was just looking over the pictures from my trips to England. I was so very happy then. Remembering those trips makes me smile. I keep having very random memories from them. For example, the taste of the restaurant where we went to have English breakfasts in Pompey. The taste of baked beans with breakfast foods. Remembering eating breakfast with Icle, Alex, and Phil. Walking to Caffe Nero to visit David at work. Knitting in Caffe Nero, chatting to old ladies. Rolling my first cigarette. Sitting on David’s bed, watching movies, while he wrote essays. Rolling and wrestling. Touchin Tums. Walking around Bradford-on-Avon with Cinnamon. My first meeting with David’s mother when I accidentally called her “Mom.” Being lost in Bath, then the pure happiness and relief when David and I found each other again.
  4. I found a small box of mikan (mandarin orange) juice on my desk after my Japanese lesson. That was yummy.

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charlie said...

i'm sorry all of your stress came out in one big burst in public, but i think it is a good thing that you had a sort of release. It must be horrible to have it all pent up inside.
you ARE a charming doll.