Saturday, May 13, 2006

Do you sleep, do you count sheep, anymore?

  1. I’ve had a very good weekend. Friday night, I went to a Reggae party in Saijo with Stacey, David T, Jesse, Dennis, and other kids. It was cool. There was a good mix of gaijin and Japanese in the club. It was funny though cuz the majority of people dancing were foreign. I guess Japanese people don’t dance so much. But David T and Stacey busted their bums on the dance floor. It was excellent!
  2. Yesterday I spent all day with Yoko. She picked me up at 10am (I was so hungover!). We went to Matsuyama and picked up her friend Emi (who is also rockin good fun). We then drove off to this town called Tobe outside of Mats and it was BEAUTIFUL! I have never seen anywhere so green in my life. We went up this mountain to this little building where you can make pottery. It’s surrounded by trees and is just amazingly beautiful. I made a white and purple bowl, a pink plate, a brown and green cup, 2 little incense holders, a flower vase, and a leaf-shaped plate. In 1 month, we will get them back, all fired and stuff. I’m excited to see how they look!
  3. After pottery, the three of us went to a cute café and I had a cinnamon coffee and a tuna sandwich croissant! It was amazingly delicious! I haven’t had a croissant in ages. Croissants are evenmore rare than bagels here.
  4. Last night, Yoko, John, Pan, Richard, and I hung out and watched a movie, Sgt. Bilco. It was John’s choice and was funny. I got home around 12:30 and completely passed out. I was so exhausted. It was nice though.
  5. Today I am relaxing this morning, then walking to the station to retrieve my bike (I left it there on Friday!). Then for dinner time, I think I am going to head over to Pan’s to play.

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